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What is Polling the Nations?

Polls are an integral part of everyday life with results reported daily in the media. Survey information provides much of the basic underpinning for newspaper and magazine articles, radio and television news reports and speeches of public officials. When people read or hear these secondary sources they are getting information filtered through another's prism. Having access to the primary information provides a fresh perspective that can be found in no other place.

Why is Polling the Nations the best source for polling data? Comprehensiveness -- It has more surveys (18,000+) from more sources (1,700+) in more countries (100+) than any other resource anywhere.
Pro/Con For students, the information gained from polls is especially useful in pro/con discussions, debates, presentations and reports. Polling results make it possible to add real life, up-to-date information on subjects covering a wide range of topics.

Polls Add Important Dimensions to Our Understanding

Statistics Provide Numbers: Polls Go Beyond, to Explain:
Census data Fundamental views about life
Crime rates Fears for personal safety
Student teacher ratios Attitudes toward schools
Government budget figures People's spending priorities
Number of cable television viewers Their viewing preferences

Polling Databases: Features and Functionality Comparison

Polling the Nations iPOLL pollingreport.com
Number of surveys 18,000+ 18,000+ Unknown
Number of questions 700,000+ 650,000+ Unknown
Geographic coverage US and some international surveys US and some international surveys Primarily US; Delivers data and analysis as released by polling firms
Backfiles 1986-present 1935-present Unknown
Source organizations 1,700, searchable by source organization name 150 reported, of which 33 are searchable by source organization name National-level sources are freely available; state-level requires subscription. Unknown number of total providers
Indexing Extensive: over 7,000 topics ~65 subject topics Very high-level table of contents
Search fields Search six fields: topic, full-text, universe, date range, Source, results Search five fields: Anywhere, Exclude, Topic, Organization, Date. Some fields, eg, organization, are only searchable if text is entered in the Anywhere field None
Search functionality Search history, search results display options, quick and advanced search, go direct to questions/hit list, view all questions in a poll Search within a result set, bookmark searches/questions, sorting options, access to datasets, reports query statistics "See also" references
Record display Full questions and responses: Question, Source, Date, Results, Universe, Method, Sample Size, Additional Info, Source Contact Info Full questions and responses: Question, Source, Date, Results, Source, Sample, Methodology, Sample Size, Brief (1-sentence) survey overview, Graph of Results Question, Response, Source, Date
Export data/graph? Export data in excel Export data and visual of graph if there are fewer that 7 response categories Copy and paste
Updates Weekly Daily Daily
Pricing Contact onlinesales@infobase.com for pricing.
Special features Top 10 Topics Current Topic highlights
Help Rich help and educational materials on website Rich help and educational materials on website None
Topic coverage Broad: politics, social issues, economics Broad: politics, social issues, economics Politics
• CLIMATE, Change
• ABORTION, General

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